Mums Fingers

Fingers that used to hold me when I was a baby.

Fingers that I played with and felt mama’s warmth.

Fingers that would hold my hand on my way to preschool.

Fingers that used to sew buttons into my shirts.

Fingers that used to make me all the pancakes in the world.

Fingers that told me everything was going to be fine.

Fingers that was always giving hi-fives.

Fingers that never got to do it all; they never played piano or painted a picture.

Mama’s fingers are gone now. Turned into stone by the hands of god.

Why couldn’t it take my hand?

I didn’t want her to twitch for the rest of her life and now she won’t. How stupid of me to have wished that.

Mami, I never believed those fingers would ever stopped being yours.

I wish I was there to feel them one more time before.

Mums, I’m sorry I didn’t grab your hand sooner so this would have never happened.

Of course there is no what ifs anymore, this is the present now.

I see your fingers and all I see is the past.

I love you mums please be better than okay.

All I care about is making you laugh and keeping you safe.

We’re going to walk around the world and I promise you that.

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