Clones of me and each one focuses on one of my passions in life.

There’s plenty of time for myself to follow them myself however having clones makes the process much swifter.

Each clone can have their own sets of friends and lovers.

I love my friends and lover.

I wouldn’t change anything about them nor do I want anymore than I already do.

Yet I still desire to have more and know more and to be with more.

Desire has brought me suffering in life because I’m torn between being who I am or being who I am.

My solution is to let people come into my life that way I can choose to keep the ones I like.

People aren’t toys. I can’t make them stay even when I decide to keep them.

Though right now, people are dolls. Some I cherish, some I throw away and some I value so highly that I will never take it out of the box.

And when there is a doll I desire, it brings me great torture inside, that I can’t rescue them from the others.

It kills me that they don’t know who I am because I would change their lives if they did.

My only permanent solution to this problem is to get everyone in this world to know who I am.

That’s my only desire.

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