What you order

Can I get a 12 piece glazed tenders with 2 mchickens.

Anything else?

Do you want anything? Yeah get me the same thing expect let me get the mcchicken’s chicken grilled.

You can do that? Yeah watch.

Can I get a second order of everything expect can you make these mcchicken’s grilled?

Yes, anything else?

Nope that’s it.

Total 33.72 please pull up to the next window.

Wow, I can’t believe they actually do that.

Here you go

Thank you.

And here you go.

Back home

What why your shit look better than mine?

Because I’m a V.I.P that’s why.

That’s fucking crazy, your food dead looks better than mine. You want to trade?

Noooooooooo, we literally got the same thing, I just have it grilled.

That’s not fair, I’m not even hungry anymore.

Omg don’t be such a baby.

I’m not being a baby, it’s the principal.

What principle?

Sharing is caring.

Fine, here have a bite.

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