Falling Leaf

Love poems that never get to their desired location.


Lives could have been changed.

But what can words do, that actions can’t.

One word.

You failed and now think on what to do. You’re just a stranger to that person yet you have talked several times with said person.

Four words. Lovers are never strangers.

So give up, your persistence is not wanted nor cared for.

Losers are forever without it and unlike you, you have it.

Have what? Persistence, no: Initiative.

If you try to do something just for the sake of doing it, hoping the result will change, you are a persistence loser.

But do something and keep finding ways to change the outcome than you’re someone who won’t be stopped till you achieve your desired outcome.

Love poems that never get to their desired locations: should never be seen.


In life there is no guarantees, so always hold out on hope that it will be seen: unless the person decides to make it a guarantee.

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