South of Park Ave

I shitted my pants once because I couldn’t make it to the bathroom. I was 14.

I peed my pants because I was too lazy to get up from my bed. I was 12.

I drank milk from a baby bottle till I was 11 and I been wanting to buy one so I can enjoy milk again.

I used to bleed from my nose, every first day of school for all my years in elementary school.

I’m not clumsy but I fell every first day of gym.

I didn’t learn how to tie my shoe till I was 17.

My favorite myth character is the tooth fairy.

Baby blue blankets are the only way I can get my best sleep.

I never slept with stuffed animals when I was younger but now I have at least 5 and I cuddled with one last night.

I hate fish expect for salmon because I don’t like to chew my food, I like to just stuff in it my mouth and inhale it.

I used to cry all the time because I knew there were people who were struggling in this world.

I had an identity crisis and collapsed to the floor when I realized that I could just be an alien or not even exist in this world.

I am shameless now and I feel I can be open and free to myself.

These aren’t deep secrets yet I been holding on to them as if they were. So now I let go and hope I can let go of some more in the future.

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