non-existence mango

You need mass and energy to exist. That’s e=mc^2.

Scientists say dark matter has a negative mass but how could that exist?

Scientists also say that there has to be unified theory of everything in this world but how?

They say math has no limit on what it can describe but how is math, a human creation be able to describe all of the world. Are humans really the gods of this world?

Love math but I just hated how there is no reason behind it: it just is. The numbers are those numbers and you can’t change anything about it. Equations and formulas make perfect sense but I just don’t get why, it is that way.

The measurement problem bothers me so much that I need to think about it at least 5 minutes in a day or else I won’t be able to sleep through the night.

Consciousness created reality makes the best sense because personally when I need to cut a piece of string, I don’t use a ruler. I cut whatever I feel is appropriate. That piece of string would vary in length with everybody. Since they all would have a different sense of what size is appropriate. This isn’t a very conscious decision: what is, grabbing a ruler and deciding how much you need. Animals have the wherewithal to use the right stick for the job but it’s not really conscious as much as I hate to admit that. They just pick the best one for the job with trial and error. Like we would have if the string was too short or too long.

To grab a mango, it needs to weight something or else it wouldn’t exist.

If a mango needed to be divided evenly we would cut it to equally looking size pieces but some may weight more than others. Doesn’t matter, but it would matter if we’re being strict about being equal. Sharing equally is just beneficial for all but eating first will help you pick the best of the lot.

Humans aren’t gods but their consciousness are. Consciousness creates our reality, we believe in gods because we can’t believe that we can actually do things that no other life form on earth can.

Animals really aren’t special, their just trying to survive and make babies. If they have friends or live in a group they have some type of consciousness and that’s from years of evolution. But who knows how long it would take for them to have human type of consciousness.

Of course I could always be wrong and come up with something else that sounds better. With science and math we can find everything. But we’re always going to be stuck if we don’t use our crazy imagination to find something new.

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