Winds Up High

When you’re traveling to California from New York, it takes a while longer getting there because the plane is going against the wind. That’s why the trip is always faster going back, since you have the wind pushing you along the way.

Birds also have to go through this jet stream but with stinky humans filling the atmosphere with their hot breath; the effects are becoming much more pronounced for them.

How can we get to where we wanna go if the winds won’t let us through?

Start doing wing-ups or die, at least the ride back will be much more mild.

Sigh now explain it to this guy.

The saying goes, “I let the winds take me” or “I just go with the flow”.

Very haphazardous way of thinking. Sail boats go where the winds take them but sailors stop them from crashing into rocks.

The winds need me as much as I need them. I don’t let the wind take me anywhere but if we’re going the same direction we can go anywhere.

To the forest to the urban jungle to the sea, you can’t never escape that of what you cannot see.

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