Universality Entropy

If you take account of all the systems in the world, you can predict the exact outcome of anything and everything.

Only you can’t because there is so many systems to account for.

So we live in probability of anything can happen. Even though the probability of our lives can still be predicted. For instances, a earthquake can happen right now but the chances are very slim however not impossible.

There is a pattern that dictate all of the life around us and anything that is in our universe. Including humans and here we are using math to describe everything around us. Looking for that pattern.

The world isn’t set by laws, it’s set by numbers more specifically it’s set by the science of “to just be”.

There is no explanation, it just is and that is the very reason I hate math. Rigid imagination I say.

Thanks to global warming, I won’t be thinking of this and will be living in Antarctica soon.

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