Is there more?

I have all the body parts as the person next to me. We look different outside however.

How come we don’t look like other animals where you can’t even tell who’s male or female.

Inside we have nothing in common expect for how we use our brain. I have my desires and so do you.

What if that’s all we have in our lives. All of life could be in a simulation ran by future Elon Musk. If we’re real life robots then so is our babies maybe that’s evolution maybe not.

These subjects we studied were created by someone who invented it but wasn’t it already there. Humans always looking for credit.

Dying could be the end of it all or not. If we bring you back from the dead,would that mean there is no end because we had to bring you back from somewhere.

There isn’t much more to me. I am here till I am not.

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