Joyless Ideas

Ideas that pop up, no matter how much I focus on anything else. Screams, these ideas for joy bring me anything but its intentions.

They’re going to keep coming up till I kick it out to the real world.

So let me being.

Preferably I would want it to be aged like expensive wine so I know it can take care of itself in the long run without me.

I also would love it, if it has the same problems I have.

Before I had the requirement that it had to be from a certain place; now all I care about, is just that it’s imported regardless of the country of origin.

Besides that, it can have any qualities in this world. Just for the love of god don’t crack when I try to hit one of my signature high notes.

My last option is a tuffy and I can’t decide between blonde or red.

Dumbass ideas I say.

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