Never The End

In life there are many choices and paths to take. Mine was dead set on many. Weighting pros and cons. With a clear, concise definitive plan. Thinking that there is no other way than the ones already there.

Till Now.

I’m here for the first time. After years of standing in the sun and stretching towards the light. I finally-got up and left-realized that I took the wrong turn on the path. Now I have to either retrace my steps and go back or I can take a new road and see where that takes me.

Easy decision to say the least.

I’m going with the new road since I already seen what was there before. Only with this new road, there seems to be an obstacle that I have not faced before.

How do I tackle it? How do I take it down? Why is it in my way in the first place?

“Who fucking cares?”

Just go and get over it, then finally we can get where we need to be.

You’re right.

However now there’s so many options and choices in front of me. “Which one do I choose”?

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