Spider Trials

Nano-nano-nano-nano butt.

You’ll never find me but you can try your luck.

I’m a spider not a duck.

“Quack quack”

Did you just hear this duck.

What do you mean?

I see a spider.

Well, your eyes can’t see what I see.

And what do you see? A duck.

I don’t believe you; show me your glasses.

Here you go.

Nothing I see.

Well its your lost, that’s all I see.

That’s not fair how come you can and I cannot.

Maybe get some new eyes

Here you can have mine.

Woah, is this what you see all the time.

No I just give myself this.

It’s the same thing I gave the spider but its great for humans like me.

All these shapes and colors, wait you said spider I thought you said it was a duck.

Yeah it is my luck.

Now I have two ducks.

Who are you? He told me to take a pill next thing I know I’m a spider.

“Everyone sing it now.”

Nano-nano-nano-nano butt.

Oh how I love you so much.

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