The honest cycle

If honesty is the truth, which are the facts, then; Honesty is a fact that’s being forgotten in this world and being dismissed as an opinion.

I feel my facts are the way to go because my facts are not solely from me but from the world I met. Arguing who’s right is pointless when no one shares the same facts.

This world is pessimistic by nature and rightly so however that is no fault of the people in this world. These are the Earth’s secrets and we are finding out that these facts regardless mine or yours. Is all for nothing expect for us.

People see this as a point to do nothing and they couldn’t be more wrong. No offense to my grandkids but I would hate it if they outlived me. We need to live longer and reproduce less to the point where it’s only us. Till then, we are going to repeat the same cycles for millenniums.

Honesty is a virtue that usually comes in cycles but in our virtual reality; the millennium is repeated weekly and it doesn’t seem like it will be broken. Unless we’re all alive to see it.

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