Space Youths

The problem with my youth is. I was always told “shoot for the stars”, little did they help with how to aim or where to shoot from. From the beginning, it was to rebel and get to space my own way. This approach only works for the truly special which I am not. Then was the plan to go along with the agenda in hopes of one day changing it. How futile is that? Only the lucky and truly dedicated are able to make such a change. Next was an attempt at both but as others before me must have realized, the two can’t go side by side. I’m lost in quicksand, somewhere I went wrong and there’s no way for me to retrace my steps. I should have stayed on Earth because now all I can think about is how my youth could have been better spent there. As a foundation and a platform for me to blast off from. Now I’m drifting thru space and I have to ask for help. I dread this option since it means I couldn’t do it on my own. Sigh. I write this as a warning to all of my space youths.

“Stay on Earth! You don’t realize it now but you really do need the sky.”

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