Thank you honey badger

Murder and drug dealing for money that’s my dream.

Being disrespectful and not caring for nobody. Having multiple baby mamas and robbing other people’s homes that was the goal. Doing too much drugs that I need it to survive through the day; I was looking forward to that.

Slitting people throats in front of their kids or slitting their kids’ throats in front of their parents; oh what wonderful fantasy.

No remorse just pure joy.

I easily could have been a school shooter so why didn’t I.

It’s not because I know it’s wrong which I know it is. However, I don’t care about what’s right or wrong

It’s because the love and support and nurture I received as a child. It’s because I have so much respect for my parents that I will never allow them to be blamed for my actions. I love them too much.

Not only that. I live in a state where gun laws are strict so it’s much more difficult for me to get a gun.

If I could get a gun off the street, I would have already killed a person by now.

You are born violent and destructive and there is no way to change that. But you can change how you let it out.

I thank the honey badger because she doesn’t give a fuck. So I won’t either but you won’t see me killing anybody.

Unfortunately. That’s just me but the ones who are in prison for their crimes. I envy them because they truly lived out there lives.

For the ones who experience regret and remorse, I could never understand why. Why would you do a crime if you didn’t really want to.

There is no need for crimes so don’t ever feel it’s your only option.

You don’t need too. But I won’t blame you if you want too.

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