Is God Real

What a pointless question.

I’m tired of being here. I want to travel.

What a waste of breath.

Let’s love ourselves and love the world and the 666 life.

Every time we look at the mirror we stare at our fake self.

We stare at the devil’s image.

Only the ones in love with themselves are blind to this picture.

Heaven has to be here on Earth. We need to live in a utopia why would you want to wait till you die.

How would you want to die?

I would like to be someone’s food that way no one can disrespect my body, no one will violate my body and I will die the same way I was born in someone’s stomach.

Bouncing around ideas and questions across the galaxy and if sound travels much slower than light there’s no way god could hear me unless god is already here.

What is a god? Is it a creator?

We are the gods of iPhone.

Is a god the savior or the destroyer?

Do animals consider us the gods?

Plants and insects are hiding a secret that the rest of us are still stuck trying to figure out.

Reptiles, amphibians, birds and mammals are living their lives while humans still believe that they are one of a kind.

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