Out of Ferminos and quarks

Humans, Trees, Viruses.

Spread out across the Earth.

Some like it hot, some like it cold but all of them agree they couldn’t be anywhere else but home. What choice did they have? Life at the mircoscopic level decided to make this planet boo-doop. Imagine Earth decided to do things differently would we exists? Would there even be a chance at surival or we would evolve to be just like the aliens we know nothing about. How is it we are made out of non-living quarks and gluons. Yet I can live and find out what I’m made out of. Do trees realize that they need the sun to live or do they just get their tan and think nothing of it? What about viruses? Is making more of themselves, how they experince happiness? Are emotions evolutionary traits? Did the first virus come from a soup of charred elements or did some virus climb into that soup and make life what it is now. Nothing really matters, were all just stuck here. Groups of a kind. Only able to see what’s in front of them.

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