Snowy Organisms

Heather is a snowy organism.

Softer than soft, smoother than smooth and smelling like nothing; a faint nothing. She screams of love and lust with her lips full of sins and she can’t speak without them. She pulls me and asks if I ever seen snow before.

What a weird question to ask? I reply with a yes who hasn’t.

Then shes nods no as if I got my memories wrong. She says over the mountain I will see a bell and she would like me to ring it. She’s then softens her voice and says close your eyes and relax. I can still feel her chilling breath as if I was standing in front of a freezer. It is freezing I said she assured me it was temporary and sent me off to the mountain with nothing but a little advice.

She wasn’t wrong as I climbed, the weather seemed to have gotten warmer. My instincts were telling me that hypothermia was setting in but then I reached the top.

The grass couldn’t be more greener and the smell was enchanting, unrecognizable however. There she was right next to the bell. She congratulated me and we exchanged a few words.

I rang the bell.

No fireworks, no mythical creatures, nothing. Anti-climatic in my opinion, she tried to make it up to me but the journey was plenty enough for me. She offered a ride back down, I accepted. I didn’t tell her all that I wanted to say but I did say I will tell our story of us. I doubt I’ll ever see her again and maybe it is for the best.

Lord knows I have a weakness for snowy organisms already. Maybe that’s why God made the ending of it all.

So normal.

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