Cardinals UGHHHHHH

I just do not understand it. We had the stretch of great baseball then we just shot ourselves at the feet right before reaching the finish line.

Like the Cardinals had everything going for them until it didn’t. My predictions weren’t way off. But they were.

The Brewers offense were great as I thought they were but their out of the postseason because of their pitching just like I said would be there downfall.

The Cubs definitely played better than I thought but that regression hit them just like it did the cardinals. Post season fatigue is real.

Jose Martinez is going to have a breakout year. Thanks to his great play we might actually lose him to some American League team.

Kolten Wong will be out of St.Louis or at least see his playing time diminished. Kolten Wong definitely surprised me as yeah he had a terrible first half but he was on fire after and if it wasn’t for the injuries, he might have won a golden glove award. Big ups for him winning at least one award for his great play.

Jedd Gyorko and Paul Dejong are going to be the unsung heroes of the Cardinals. Damn now this predictions could have been right if injuries didn’t exist but I don’t know now Paul Dejong looking like another Randal Girchuk. That scares me and Jedd Gyorko might be gone next season if he doesn’t produce since his glove is not what we need at the moment.

Luke Weaver is going to have a better season than Carlos Martinez. It was looking like a Cy-young race was going to happen between the two then one got injured and the other just forgot how to miss bats but I still have high hopes for the both of them.

Yadier Molina, Marcell Ozuna, Matt Carpenter and Tommy Pham are going to hit between them more than 100 home runs.

This one I got right but not the way I wished. I had Marcell Ozuna hitting at least 40 homers now I don’t think he hits more than 34. Yadier Molina, the goat never doubted him. Nor Matt Carpenter. But Tommy Pham damn I just hope he does great with the Rays.

I will be back with more Cardinals Opinions soon.

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