Dance Dance Flamingo

Dance? But I don’t wanna.

Well if you don’t dance, you’ll never find a mate.

So why do I need a mate anyway?

You know I explained this a hundred times to you. If you don’t get it by now I can’t help you so I’m done trying.

Fine, I will dance.

No! That’s not the point.

What you say, “I have to dance” so I’m dancing.

You still don’t get it. I am heading off to the rock with the green hair. Call me when you finally understand what I’m trying to tell you.

Ugh, oh sweet granny flamingo in the sky can you please help me find the answer she’s looking for.


Welp I tried. Might as well fly around and get a bite to eat.

The flamingo flies with thoughts in the same place as his head for once. He lands and says “Damn bird I still don’t know what I’m going to do. I know it’s an important aspect of life and everyone in the world does it. But I tried, it’s not like I never gave it a shot. How many times do I have to try something before I know it’s not for me? Dancing isn’t hard but it’s like you gotta do it all the time. The flamingo’s life is revolved around eating krill, sleeping and dancing. Does that make me less of a flamingo if I don’t dance? Am I not a flamingo already? Do I lose my wings if I don’t dance? Seriously, what are the real consqueneces of me not dancing besides that I have no chance to find a mate or have a next of kin. Sigh. I think I get it now but why can’t there be alternatives. Never knew just to live required so much rules.

“Finally a krill”.

With krill in his belly, the bird flies to it’s mate and begins the mating dance.

You’re back. So what did you learned?

I learned that I am going to be the best dancer you ever seen. I don’t agree with why to do it but I’m going to show my kids there’s another ways to be a flamingo. Or at least make dancing illegal in the future so my kids won’t suffer like I do. Who knows maybe through it all I’ll change my mind; hell my kids might even love it.

For now and till I die. I will dance like a flamingo.

On Granny flamingo in the sky, this is no lie.

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