Gator Meat

Instead of a piece of cake I like to say gator meat because it is not what you expect and I love that. Fish chicken some call it, I would say that it goes way beyond any other meat taste. The most exquisite outta all of the others. You can’t eat it with the simple bite and chew techniques. You must take all precautionary measures before you even being to use a fork. If you don’t take this advice I assure you the meat will have your stomach doing barrel rolls. I warn you now do not consume until you follow these rules.

1. Close your hands and eyes in that order and feel the smoke of the meat.

2. Open hands and mouth and sniff the meat.

3. Open your eyes and see the spirit of the gator circle around your head.

4. Lastly take a fork and eat the part of the meat facing the most southwest direction.

After that the meat is ready to be eaten, in your own way.

Again anyone who fails to listen will face the wrath of the gator spirit as it will burst from within like a volcanic eruptions.

For you and the people around you, please follow these rules.

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