Pointy Toes

A conversation.

Yeah I hate her, she thinks shes all that with her long straight hair with her smooth, hydrated skin and all of her high end outfits.

Who even is she? Why is she even here? Does she like trap music? I wonder what’s her interest are. You think she would like corny jokes or animals facts? Damn she is just oozing sauce left and right I got to say something to her.

You know she probably got a man. And shes wearing heels. Actually I think she might be taller than you already.

Oh my god do you see those heels though! Her toes has to be all pointy and shit?

I’m not really into foot fetishes. I’m going to ask her what’s her favorite color? If she says brown then its not meant to be.

Hey can I ask you a question?

What? Said the pointy toed girl.

What’s your fav…


I mean are your toes pointy?

She says no. (Laughing) Why you ask?

I walked away.


Because I thought she was actually going to be interesting and have pointy toes.

How can you tell that she wasn’t going to be interesting?

Come on now you should know by now it’s all about your gut instincts and my gut told me she not worthy of our time. Her toes is like everyone one else’s.

Photo by Christian Yanes

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