The Moon Told me to Lie

Not that the female gender does not lie. It is that on a worldwide scale females, are still the most oppressed people in the world. There is no need to talk about them in a negative light. Most often or not females are constantly told more lies by the opposite gender. As a male with little consciousness, most lies I tell occur when there is a lump between my pants. I blame this on the primitive nature of my ancestors but I myself do little to stop the cycle. Only till I produce off-springs will my lump subsides. My hand does a great job in mimicking the effects but it cannot trick my prehistoric mind. So I lie and lie till I lie next to a woman. Where now I can come out and confess my truth giving me a clear mind. I have a very high respect for the females I am with and around the world because they are truly one of kind. While men are a dime a dozen with only one purpose to fertilize eggs. But with a lump, my respect is gone as I think that females are just tools to make the lump go down. The truth is not pretty so I will say that these are just thoughts that all men have. Don’t shoot the messenger, I just wanted to expose the lies that I have told.

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