Wilderness Love Letter

Dear Love,

Cutting logs of wood has been surprisingly therapeutic. Sometimes I pretend the wood is you because I want to chop off your head. Just kidding but for real though; being outside and feeling the chills of the winter time, has never felt such a blessing. I made friends with the birds near my tree; we always talk about how amazing it would be if we could all fly together. I am coming back to you but I don’t know when or know if you would want to take me back. Selfish of me leaving? No I don’t think so because you would leave me if this wasn’t who I am from the start.

I love the Wild and I’m not coming back till you realize you were wrong.

Bye Love

P.S. If you find someone else, you should let me know. That way I have more time to plan on how much I’m gonna stunt on you.

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