The New Flower

My mother is naturally a giver of life. Not because I came out of her; but because every plant she touches, grows in the most impossible way.

I’ll give you an example.

There was this plant where she just filled the vase with water and placed it in there. No soil, no rocks nothing and she placed that vase in a terrible spot. There was no sun. At first I thought about letting my mom know that plants needs sunlight and dirt. But I was cynical at the time and thought it would be more funnier to just see the new flower die.

Now I feel dumb because it has grown so big that she had to replace the vase and this time she put rocks in there. No soil still. I didn’t say anything because clearly I don’t know how flowers grow.

I can’t believe such nurturer was able to give birth to such a neglecter. She can’t be my real mom. I said this when I was six and I’ll say it again now. I love you not my real mom.

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