The HotBox Trap

All you need is a car and a willing unsuspecting victim. Oh! I almost forgot! You need weed lots and lots of weed.

Okay so this is what you do.

You ask them to smoke in your car. If they say yes you pretty much got them under your control for as long as you can keep making them say yes.

I was a victim of this trap and others need to know. That everyone feels under control till one day you realize that you have spent so much time on doing nothing but getting high.

If you need to get high before you do something you’re dependent on it. If you say you can stop at any time but say you have no reason to stop then you’re addicted. If you don’t believe me then that means you’re still in denial, and it’s okay. You are going to deny that you’re in denial because you always feel in control. Who knows how long it takes for you to realize that you don’t really want to do it no more. Most people think that if you do it just around friends that’s it okay. So the question would be ,do you spend a lot of time with friends? It’s probably yes and that’s the last sign because there’s no coming back from that. You’re lost and will forever be lost till you realize it yourself. I’m here to say I love all substances that impairs and enhances the mind but there’s no reason for that to impair the other lives around you.

I said victim but I was a willing participant and I still love the friends who trapped me. Now I’ll see if they really love me by letting me go. Weed is awesome but don’t let it take your time. Friends are awesome too but if you guys not chasing the same thing then it’s time for a break. The ones who love you will understand and if they don’t then they never understood you.

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