Trees can Move

All living things move on their own.

Not all moving things are living.

Is all non-moving matter dead/inanimate.

But what is living?

A Hummingbird, nature’s best example of how moving fast is essential to life. Hummingbirds need to eat a lot so they need to find and get food fast or else they will end up dead.

A car, human’s best way of getting somewhere fast on land. Car is a bunch of moving parts that leads you to being moved. But if one part breaks or damages then there will be one non-moving car.

An oak tree, the universe’s best example of life. From what appears to be a stable non-moving object is actually moving up from the ground and across in all types of direction under it. Once you up root the tree or cut it down, the tree is dead.

One day you the reader your heart will stop pumping and you will be as dead as a car with no battery. Only difference is that the car is made of moving parts that we can replace unlike the human where once your dead, your dead.

My real question is moving by yourself really the true meaning of life.

With all of us being interconnected with all around us could it be that simple fact that makes the living old into the dead new.

What if the key to staying alive forever is to find the perfect balance of your blood pumping?

Then again I could just be wrong since we know why the planets move.

Or maybe planets are minuscule particle that a larger being can’t see?

Or maybe we’re in a living being and we’re just workers keeping them alive?

Or maybe I could be just be way off on everything.

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