YAY! We’re never running out of water

In Brazil, scientists have found dark colored pebble sized diamonds that have water inside. These diamonds are more like ice since when they melt water oozes out like those fruit roll up gushers.

Two notes about this description.

The minerals found inside the diamond is what melts not the diamond it self. Second, it’s not water but the components of water, hydrogen and oxygen.

In March, these scientists have found diamonds with actual water inside of them. The real crazy part is that diamonds are found in highly pressurized and hot temperatures so water shouldn’t be found here but here it is.

What does this all mean and how it can happen?

The history behind water is that it came from another

place because our sun was way too hot for water to stay.

First it had to cool down just enough and then asteroids called carbonaceous chondrites and other water-rich matter had to hit earth for our oceans to form.

Now my theory, is that the water had to already be there in the first place since you can’t just put water inside our Earth unless water has a way of getting there. Next, since our sun was already hot, the Earth must have already had hydrogen existing because there would be no other way for diamonds to hold water in them. Since diamonds can only form through high pressures and temperatures. Last, my defense would be to look at all the water in the moon if the moon is not just a broken piece off the Earth then where did it gets water. And if it is, then did it gets water after or before breaking it off with Earth.

Now what does this mean, to us regular people it means in the future scientists should be able to extract this water and be able to send it to all of the dry places in the world and can also work with wet places to make them more moderate. So no more droughts or floods . Only problem is that since this water is found in our transition part of the mantle we will have to find a way of bringing up this water.

But thanks to our great advancing world this problem shouldn’t take long to solve.

(Disclaimer) I am not a scientist so if you want the actual facts go to the article below.

The article of water

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