To the future

My life is falling apart. I have no direction where I’m going. I consume so much of my own time to keep myself together. I can’t even manage reading a book without having an existential crisis. Fuck like I cannot deal with other people in my life the way I want to deal with them because they’re not my toys. I know this but my brain thinks it’s so smart that it can control anything.

I quit in everything I do but not on life. I don’t care, I can control what I do although this life was never mines to control. So who’s controls it? Anyone that comes in my life and makes me feel like I’m their world. I live my life for everyone else because all I want is the star treatment. This life will never be mine. At the moment I’m too empty in the inside and my love isn’t enough for me, I’m selfish I need more. I crave more it’s a bad addiction since I always ignore all the future consequences. I know the problems but the solutions just aren’t that easy as 1,2,3.

It’s my only motivator to never give up and become successful. Without this emptiness, I wouldn’t be who I am. I’m no victim and I’m here to steal and take everything that I feel belongs to me by any means necessary. I want the world to be mines and I doubt that will fill the hole.

No, I don’t know what will. All I know is that I’m in a pickle and you have my constant love and attention. I don’t care if you don’t share the same.

I’m addicted and I can’t wait to love you.

To the future where all of my problems has solutions and where I’m supposed to be.

Being sad never helped anyone but it will always help you. So let it all out soon you’ll be laughing at how awesome you are.

So to the future we go.

To the future I go.

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