Past the Pacific

It has been a week since I been out in sea. The waves have been the only constant on this trip. There has been so many surprises , a group of starfish covered all of my windows. The other day, a group of seagull came and attack me for my chips. Also just yesterday I heard whales singing I didn’t see any of them but I know what I heard was whale songs.

Life on the ocean has been quality assurance that I made the right choice. Leaving all behind in the hopes of locating the treasure I cannot find. Past the pacific lies the new world and a future endless in it’s possibilities.

The water so elegant with it’s fluidity and how that elegance can turn into a destructive force and wipe out all of the electrical systems in my boat. A couple hours later, the ocean looks so innocent no way could the ocean do such harm I think. It must have been god trying to tell me to go back.

I heard on the radio that there is a chance of thunderstorms and heavy rains. Emphasis on “chance”, weather people aren’t that great at their jobs so I’ll take my chances. After this “storm” I should be past the pacific but for any reason I’m not, please feed my birdies because that is what I miss most about my old world.

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