Another Tear Drops

Another call, unanswered.

Another text, read.

Another thought, negative in all ways.

Why am I so sensitive? Why do words hurts me? But why does the lack of words hurt me even more? Why can’t I just be like everyone else and not care? Not caring is all people think I do, yet they don’t know the countless tears that fall down my cheeks each night. They don’t know the bite marks on my tongue from all the holding back. My first reaction is never the best one so why is my entire life based of it. I don’t want to take back nothing I said. I know what I said and it wasn’t to destroy. I wanted to create a dynamic balance now it’s just lost in the translation of he said/she said. I know all I want in this world is to be free and in the sky where no one can bother me. The future is too precious for me to give up on. So I keep on going on not even knowing if the future is all what I want it to be.

Another tear drops because I’m stuck and there’s nothing I can do, expect for time to free me of this dilemma.

Another tear drops because all I ever want in this world is the constant love and attention that I say I don’t want.

Another tear drops because I have a feeling that will never be understood.

Another tear drops because I’m just tired of myself. And I’m the only person in this world I can’t get rid of.

Another tear drops because it’s the only alternative.

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