Okay but what about this?

Why when you’re living there is never an end?

You sleep and the day “ends”. Every morning you open your eyes and the day “starts”.

But the day never really starts or ends, it never stops.

What does this mean?

Zombies to the society, slaves to the economy, and yet we are doing this for what?

To live life, to proceed and breed with others in our species just because?

If the meaning of life is completely internal to one person, why is it that we still asks what is the meaning of life?

All questions in life, can be answered and/will be answered but nobody can answer the question of what happens after life?

Is the world really cyclical moving along like wheels on a bike? Is this the 9320392nd version of me writing this article or am I the first me? If nothing matters at the end, why does it matter at the beginning?

So what about this? What if something is too big to see? What does that even mean?



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