Cardinals winning the World Series 2018

A lot of people in the baseball world are sleeping on the Cardinals.

People are even disrespecting the team by saying the Milwaukee Brewers are the second- best team in the NL Central. The Milwaukee Brewers…. Oh man, what is the world coming too. Now all I have to say I crunched the number and studied the patterns. So I can say with absolute confidence that the Cardinals will win the World Series and not just that but also win 100 games and win the NL central division.

Now most might call me delusional but the Chicago Cubs cannot win the central, there are just going to face regression and with a 17 inning game already so early in the season I just dont see them winning the central. Now the Cubs do have a great group in Chicago and they’re the only team that can pose a threat to the Cardinals, that is all I have to say about them… Now the Brewers have a good lineup but they’re pitching is straight up doo-doo and I cannot see how anyone with eyes can say that the Brewers are better than the Cardinals.

I will end with this.

Jose Martinez is going to have a breakout year.

Kolten Wong will be out of St.Louis or at least see his playing time diminished.

Jedd Gryko and Paul Dejong are going to be the unsung heroes of the Cardinals.

Luke Weaver is going to have a better season than Carlos Martinez.

Yadier Molina, Marcell Ozuna, Matt Carpenter and Tommy Pham are going to hit between them more than 100 home runs.

This is going to be a great year for the St.Louis Cardinals and you can thank the New York Mets for that.


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