15 Years Till the World is New

During the 3rd grade, I wondered how does the sun gets so bright and stay on all the time. I asked my science teacher and she told me “that little atoms fuse together and give off energy”. She said “the whole process is called nuclear fusion and that scientist are still trying to figure out on how to copy it”. I asked “what would happened if they got to copy it”? She paused to think and said” the whole world will be different there would be no more gas , no more waste, cars will be able to go forever without gas and that everyone in the world will be able to have electricity”. That broke my third grade mind because would that mean we will have flying cars, I asked. She replied, yeah and robots will be everywhere doing all of our chores. This all sounded great and my entire life I always kept those two words in the back of my head “nuclear fusion”. Finally, an article popped up saying in 15 years nuclear fusion will be commercially available for all. This is exciting news but is the world ready for this new type of power? Can the world even handle this type of power? Once you realized that the whole world is constantly fighting with each other and corruption spread all throughout the world. A power that is unlimited and clean will undoubtedly be soiled by our filthy and greedy hands.

This is the article that has me so excited

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