1 in 7234568321

Im jealous of everyone who is in the position to do amazing things. I’m jealous of everybody who can live life free of sadness. I’m jealous of anyone who has no means to succeed but still found a way to achieve it. There is just so many people like that and I can wish all I want, but the only way it’s going to happen to me if I stop being jealous. But how can I not be jealous? Why am I jealous? I feel it has to do with people taking the ideas I have and actually putting it into action. It’s like I was a philosopher getting ready to publish my work then all of sudden I hear about Aristotle who got it done before I did. When I put it like that, I’m not as jealous anymore because at least I was still on the same track as he was, he just got there first. All I have to do is try and get ahead of him. You know what I’m not jealous anymore. There is just too many people in this world to think that you have one idea that nobody else has ever thought about. There is too many people in this world to think you are special. What you can do, is cut down the people you compare yourself too. My favorite thing to do is think how many people are left handed, and then keep listing things I have or done. From there I think how many people can relate, and then I start to feel special. I love being one person in seven billion at least I’m still one of the numbers.

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