Star of the Show

That no one watches.

I stay up all night, planning what to do for my next act. The only thought in my head is, I have to top the last, it has to be the best material I ever put out in my life. No exceptions.

They say shoot for the moon because you will still end up in the stars but what they don’t tell you is that there isn’t any stars near the moon other than the sun. If you was lucky enough to get to space, there is still a chance that you will miss the moon and end up in the dark empty space drifting away like space garbage. In space you would be less worthless than poo because you can still use poo but a human, what is that good for? Just going to end up fighting for the last potato made from human fertilizer.

I was the star of the show till now. I explored all of this planet and I thought it could never be done. I came wide eyed, eager to get started thinking the journey will last forever and be the best experience of my life. Now I can’t wait to get the fuck out and go onto my next planet and maybe this one will make for a longer journey.

Or maybe not but I can’t wait to be the star of the show again.

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