Salamanders not lizards

A few months ago, a salamander known as the “golden wonder” had been rediscovered. After 42 years, the salamander that went missing from the world, called extinct by many scientists, was found chilling on a leaf by a park reserve guard. The salamander’s actual name is the Jackson climbing salamander and this guy has become the face of the lost species conservation.

This discovery couldn’t have happened, without the love and passion in people who wants to see animals exists in there natural habitat. It’s a great story on how protecting the habitats of endangered/lost animals gives them a chance to survive on their own. A chance to let them decide their own fate.

This also couldn’t have had happened if the guards couldn’t tell the difference between a salamander and a lizard. Which is why a man named Carlos Vasquez put up pictures and told the guards to be on the lookout on the animal. After 30 trips and 3000 hours researching on the animal, he was finally able to find it again. He made sure if the animal was out there, that it was going to be found.

But yet there are still people who think salamanders are the same as lizards.

Sad but I am here to help.

So here’s how you can tell the difference.

Salamander are usually wet and moist and love humanity.

Lizards are dry and have scales and hate humanity.

Lizards have claws and little ear holes. Salamanders don’t.

Lizard are reptiles, Salamanders are amphibians.

Hopefully you now know the difference so maybe you can find some “extinct” amphibians.

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