Cardinals Off-season

It has been 2 months since the baseball season ended.

The Cardinals were not able to replicate their 2011 success and now lets recap what happened this past season.

Predictions that came true –

  • Lance Lynn did not miss a beat and really kept the cardinals in the race as long as possible.
  • Tommy Pham, can hit and not a fluke.
  • Paul Dejong, is now what Almedys Diaz was last season but with better defense.

Predictions that did not –

  • Almedys Diaz never was able to find his groove back and has been traded to the Blue Jays.
  • Cardinals did not make the playoffs.

Now the Off-season.

Cardinals has made two signings so far some pitcher from Japan and Luke Gregerson, who last played for the Astros. Definitely watch out for the pitcher from Japan because his low -walk rate looks like it will translate to the Majors. As long as our pitchers are throwing strikes, we are going to have a chance.

I have no faith in Luke Gregerson , so lets hope he can change our mind.

Big Fish? Is it a Marlin?

Cardinals have been linked to Ginacarlo Stanton this off-season and it turns out that they did have a deal in place for him. Cardinals even got a chance to meet with him but he decided it wasn’t a good fit. Stanton went to the Yankees and as long as he not crushing against the Cardinals, fine by me. The good news it shows that the cardinals are willing to make a big splash. The greater news, Stanton vetoed the trade and now we won’t have to carry a big contract for an injury prone player, who has been healthy for a whole season only once which was last season. Surprise people don’t bring that up often.

Bad news, though now we have to look somewhere else for an middle of order bat.

So what now?

Well I think the Cardinals might make a push for Evan Longoria, but at this point the cardinals can do anything really this off-season. But a splash is going to happen sooner or later.



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