Slopes of the Emotions

I woke up today with stomach pains and the need to take a big shit. My mornings usually start off this way or I wake up happy with lots of energy. From there I can tell what kind of day I’m going to have. When it’s going to be a shitty day I know I can count on my brain to bring more shit to the party. Thanks to bi-polar depression, I have more shit in my brain than a chimp in a zoo. But like a roller coaster it ends after the last slope. Out of energy from bringing shit, I can get out of the ride and move on with my life. I’m learning calculus now and I have a deeper appreciation for slopes and the modern world. You have to go up so you can come down that’s a roller coaster. You have to be sad so you can be happy that’s me. Emotions are the slopes of the roller coaster and I’m in it. I’m happy now so the ride should be really boring. But who knows how’s the ride going to be tomorrow.

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