“Hi, I’m looking for the remoras.”

“Well there’s some over there by the selfish mom aisle.”

“No, I mean I’m here for the job as a remora.”

“Ohhh great! We been waiting for you. Just let me ask you some questions.”


“Can you hold onto people,animals and/or things?”

“Yes, I have a very tight grip.”

“Good, okay can you handle the pressures of being 24/7 attached to a person, animal and/or thing?”

“Ma’m, I can do it in my sleep.”

“Well, you seem perfect for the job but do you mind answering some psychological questions since we just want to make sure, that you are mentally capable of handling the job.”

“No problem, go ahead.”

“How comfortable are you living vicariously and having no sense of identity?”

“I do that now with my friends.”

“Last question, when can you start?”

“I can start right now if you need me too.”

“Wonderful, well here is your tag now just jump into tank and you’re hired.”

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