Choking Hazard

Sweet, wonderful and astounding, these three words perfectly describe my sex life. Spending a night with my lover after a day of us being mentally intimate, opening ourselves like we’re a store on Black Friday. Taking and learning our relationship to a new depth for the both of us. We found new spots on our bodies, that gives us tremors of pleasure. Like the animal kingdom, I am mounted on top of you with excitement and euphoria that I can’t never achieve with the dullness of drugs. She yells, pulling the bed sheets and then a sigh. Finally, she falls stomach flat on the bed laying there laughing with amnesia. I’m left choking, struggling to catch my breath. She released all of her stress and energy onto me and I suffocate under the immense pleasure. Her looks leave me breathless but her looks when she’s alone with me, is a choking hazard.

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