Puffin Diaster

I’m sitting in my car, waiting for some inspiration to come like dentists after Halloween, thinking of the fastest way I can solve my financial problems. Finally in the distance, a group of my crows decide to check up on me and land in the tree right near my car. Two of them, stopped by to say hi but nothing more. One, asked if I had any more of the snacks from last time but he left as soon as I said “no”. But my best friend asked “why I looked so down”. I told her that I been using birds so much for my inspiration that I have to find something else to use or else people are going to think that I have sex with birds. She saw my dilemma and said “don’t talk bout birds then”. I said “thanks”,not telling her that the advice was pointless and she flew off to her group. I was left scratching my hair, like a cat does with his mouse post. Now left with damaged hair and no inspiration, I drove home more depressed than a puffin in a penguin fashion show.

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