Unpacked Treasure

Losing your luggage while at the airport probably means that you’ll never get it back. That also means, there is now unpacked treasure just ready to be found for some lucky traveler. But this unpacked treasure is not your basic toothbrush and sets of clothes luggage. No, this treasure is ancient Central American gold that was lost 500 years ago in the Atlantic Ocean, with a value up to 300 million dollars. How do I know this you ask? My great-great-great-great grandfather was the captain of the ship, that was transporting the gold and before he died on that shipwreck. He left a map of his course and ever since then each man in my father’s family has left to try and find that treasure. No one has had any lucky of finding the gold but our family is very stubborn and we aren’t going to let some lucky son of bitch find it. So today, after years of preparing, I am going to set sail off to the Atlantic Ocean to find that gold.

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