“White” Bird Brained

“White” Bird Brained or simply “White”, is a status or a mindset where the entire world is just black and “white”. People who suffer from “white” also believe that the only separator between people is just their mindset and nothing else. In the “White” mind there is no discrimination in the world, and events that only you experienced matters. While the mind suffers from “White” they also lack the feelings of compassion, empathy and in humanity. Now I want to remind everyone that just because you are born with white skin, doesn’t mean you suffer from this so called illness. A prime example, is an African-American man who grew up to become successful and now is in a position to help the people but as I found out today, he has cut 6 billion dollars from the HUD (housing and urban development). His name is Ben Carson and unfortunately he has become a another victim of “White”Bird Brained. There is still no cure but people are still fighting for one.

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