Male Eradication

Well there is more than one way we can’t get rid of the male species.

First, we could just start a war..

But that will be too bloody and some of our own can get hurt so no war.

We could start putting a ban on male babies…

But that could just lead to what happened in China with female babies and no one wants that and it will be a while before the last male dies out.

How about we… you know this is actually kinda of hard?

Yeah, who would have known getting rid of an entire species ethically would be so hard?

Why can’t we just do the Adolf hitler?

Because that would just make us them and I will have no part in that.

Hmm, oh what if we just set up like a cruise line where we round up all the men and just take them to an isolated island.


That’s it, no blood, no tears just a bus drop off on an island.


Okay but did you really have to yell?

Sorry. Okay now what if, we just lower testosterone levels in all males to the point they can’t reach homeostasis and increase their estrogen levels to the point where they either morph into females or die which ever comes first doesn’t matter.

But how do we do that?

Just do what the Americans did and taint their water supply.

Two more things before we move forward with this. Is their anyway our own will be affected by this? And also what does homeostasis mean?

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