Black Birds (Corvus corax)

Crows the sign of death, an omen, a sign of bad things to come.

The black birds of death, the reason scarecrows exists, a corn kennel worst nightmare and also the smartest bird out there. Resourceful birds who like monkeys are capable of using sticks and twigs crafting tools like the caveman. Their brain are actually proportionately bigger than the monkeys. Crows can be found everywhere and they even tell stories about them and what their presence signify. Expect South America, since you can’t find them there. Surprising I know but I guess it makes sense because of their black feathers they wouldn’t really blend in so much but they don’t seem to blend in anywhere. Crows are known to interact with humans good and bad. To the good, they bring gifts and to the bad they shit on their car. I wonder how I can get so lucky so to get a gift from a crow. But I also ponder what crows did that people say so much bad things about them.

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