Suicide Food

In the digital age there will never be a shortage of videos, memes, nudes or even restaurants. People have to eat it is the very reason people even go out or at least do when they are out. The question is what kind of food do I sell? Also where is it even going to be? To get that answer all I have to do is just go door to door and ask what the people want. Actually no, I am just going to make it a bunch of food but no burgers, fries, pizza or shrimp. You can even add ice cream to any of your meals.

“Yeah that’s what I’m going to do”.

And it will even be a dine in with lots of booths and we’re close after every two hours so we can really treat our guest and be in a relaxed setting. No credit just cash and our customers will rate our waiters with stars and we can give out bonuses for each good rating.

“What will be the name”.

I don’t know maybe Suicide Food no wait Just Dine.

Hmm I’m not in love with it but let’s stay with that… for now.

Just Dine

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