The Zebra with Polkadots

Minding his own business, strolling towards where he gets all of his meals.

All of the other animals walk past him, some stop to say hi but no one ever stayed to talk to him.

He loved the inattention, it let him have more time with himself. The fewer that said hi, the happier he became knowing he didn’t have to make a sound.

After he was finally done eating his meal, he would leave to who knows where. He was a mysterious fellow, no one knew if he had any family since he wasn’t the type to talk but the consensus was, that he didn’t.

Humans usually passed by as soon as he left as if he knew they were looking for him. Maybe he was shy about his stripes I don’t know, but last time I saw him, he looked like his regular self but when he got to the watering hole, he stared at his reflection and his smile went away then he just left.

No one talks about him anymore unless they want to tell a story to their kids.

But I hope I get to see his smile again.

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