Watermelon Water

For 2 dollars inside a 711 refrigerator lies the most delicious drink known to man kind.

Watermelon Water.

But in 812 A.D this “water” was still waiting to be discovered by Rue Anlo.

Rue Anlo, a Madagascar native who was known by locals as the town doctor with the almost magical ability of making delicious drinks that can heal the sick.

October 6, 812 AD

Rue Anlo went for his daily strolls across the droopy jungle. Passing by his plot of trees that he planted 40 years ago, looking out for anything out of the ordinary;nothing but as he walked away there was a root coming up from the ground that took down Rue Anlo.

Fuck, he said in his native dialect as he stumbled to the ground.

Rue Anlo sees a strange shaped rock covered with dirt and moss. Thinking this rock was special he decided to take it home. But as he tried picking it up he realized he was too old to lift the special rock.

So he got his grandson to come help him and take the rock home.

At the end of the day, the grandson says

Loppa, why does this rock have a green spots?

Dumbfounded Rue Anlo answers back that’s green moss surely you should know how that looks like.

Yeah but Loppa this isn’t moss.


Rue Anlo decides to cut the moss off from the rock but as he attempts to slice it ,the rock starts to leak red blood. Stunned he let the rock leak till it stopped and when it eventually did, he cut the rock in half and saw the guts and dipped his finger.

Gross said his grandson.

And that was the moment Rue Anlo discovered WATERMELON WATER.

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