Yadier Molina for MVP

If Yadier Molina doesn’t at least place in the top 10 in baseball. I have completely lost faith in the baseball gods and their abilities this won’t be the first time either.

Adam Wainwright and Chris Carpenter were ROBBED of TWO chances to win a Cy-Young award but oh how the gods can be ruthless.

This is about Yadier Molina so let me start off as a catcher hitting .280 with 18hrs and 80 RBIS that fantastic leading all catcher in the NL in hits and RBIS.

His defense, another gold glove caliber season and with the pitching staff not counting the shaky bullpen, they have been having a great season.

All I have to say is YADIER MOLINA FOR MVP.

Clutch, Leader, One of a Kind

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